Brenda Wardle, A Legal Analyst And Her Role In “Woke Twitter.”

With the rise of social media platforms that connect the world more, new challenges have also increased. Yes, social media platforms, especially Twitter are a good thing. They help us connect and share our ideas with one another. Twitter is a social platform that allows its users to share ideas and feelings publicly through to […]

Securus Has Raised How Much?

Securus, a technology company making major strides in prisoner video visitation software and in person visits from family, has a donation fund that runs all year round. Any of their associates can donate to this fund. The contributions go towards making Securus even better. In 2015, Securus raised $345,763. The number exceeded the goal for 2015 by 19%. […]

One To Watch Brazilian Banking Investor Shares His Know-How

A long term champion Brazilian banker and stock market expert has guided investors through their portfolios to single out success in the stock market. Igor Cornelsen moved up in the world in Brazil where he soared to distinction as one of the country’s top bankers, managing a number of the country’s major banks. His expertise […]

Woke Twitter Wakes Up The World

People have varying opinions about social media sites. Some think they are a positive influence, while others think they do more harm than good. Twitter is one of those online social media sites that receive millions of viewers daily. Twitter allows their members to tweet out messages. The hash-tags identify the post and connect them […]


Investments can seem like an overwhelming financial practice for many people. The truth is that investing is rather difficult and perilous if a person does not understand what they are doing. Experienced and novice investors alike, both have to know the rules for investing, and they must be aware of how a particular investment vehicle […]

Utilizing A NYC Attorney For Divorce Proceedings And Family Law

Going through a legal battle because of divorce proceedings can be a very emotional as well as stressful time in one’s life. There are so many different aspects to this process, and it can be very overwhelming to take on dividing property, dividing money, sharing custody of children and so on. While you may think […]

Why Susan MacGalla has Continued to Flourish in the Fashion Industry

Financial stability is the dream of every person who engages in business development. This has led to the development of different types of business ventures that have attracted quite a large number of people. This is also characterized with the professionalism that accompanies any given type of business entity. As such, financial and business personalities […]

Changing The Way Men Shop

A growing trend among men has shown that men have suddenly become more concerned with their appearance. Gone are the days when men dressed in boring and bland styles, now, men are concerned with how their clothing fits, wearing stylish glasses, belts that match italian shoes, and they are even joining shave clubs to maintain […]

Jaime Garcia Dias: A Real Brazilian Literary Hero

Born in 1970 to Arnaldo Dias, a journalist and Dulce Dias, an architect, Jaime Garcia Dias showed a keen interest in literature at an early age, and his blog really shows how he’s grown as a writer since then. By the age of ten he had already began writing short stories. His parents were very […]

Urbana Wants To Stop Senseless Cat Euthanasia With His Charity and CrowdRise

More than 1.2 million cats are euthanized each year and 80 percent of those cats are healthy. That statistic is an estimate because the actual figures are hard to determine. Some animal activists say that number is much higher. Cats aren’t like dogs in the sense that they get the attention dogs get from a […]