Cleaning The Hair With Conditioner

The WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner is a product that has been developed by Chaz Dean []. Some have called it a miracle in a bottle while others believe it’s magic for the hair. This is a product that has everything needed for the hair in the bottle. It’s the shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment so […]

Maintaining A Stellar Image Online

The reality is that we all must consider our image in the online world if we are hoping to make sales. It is so important because the average online shopper does not want to work with a company that he or she believes does not have a solid reputation. This all may seem obvious, but […]

The Buzz About Madison Street Capital

One of the most famous investment companies in America is Madison Street Capital. It operates on an international level and has been one of the top financial investment companies in America for many years. Madison Street Capital is relatively young as a company but that hasn’t stopped it from being thought of as the best […]

George Soros Returns to Politics as the Leading Democratic Donor

The self-established billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros has returned into active politics as the top Democratic donor, donating over $25 million to support presidential aspirant Hilary Clinton, other Democratic Party candidates, as well as causes. The records of Federal Election Commission, interviews with Democratic fundraising experts, and his close associates expect Soros to commit […]

Popular New Jersey dentist takes effort in creating campaign

A dentist in the New Jersey area has started a GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has placed $2000.00 in the fund to get it started and hopes to help raise enough money to help aid in the surgeries performed. They’re a non-profit organization that is focused on helping young children and adolescents […]

Choosing A Good Hair Products Line

Do you ever wonder why your hair conditioner or styling treatment is not giving you the result you are looking for? If you are not getting the result you desire you need to find out what’s in the product. Many hair products are packed with chemicals and do not deliver on their promise. Wen by […]

White Shark Media Offers Certified Marketing Professionals for Advertising Campaigns

White Shark Media is one of the leading advertising companies for small and developing businesses. The company has a stellar reputation for customer service and campaign development. One of the most important reasons that clients give for choosing this company to handle their advertising campaigns is the fact that White Shark Media offers certified marketing […]

Duda Melzer Takes Control Of Brazil’s RBS

The historic RBS media group has recently seen a change of leadership, but has seen the ownership change keep the ownership within the Melzer family. RBS had recently been led by Nelson Melzer who has now stepping aside in favor of his nephew after 21 years in charge; the new CEO will take charge at a time when the business is looking to expand into a range of different media areas. RBS has been a major part of the media industry since its establishment by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho in 1957; the Sirotsky family has remained in control of the company throughout its life, and will continue to into the 21st century under the leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. Under the nickname Duda the new CEO will bring a new leadership style and knowledge of the new challenges facing the media industry. Under the leadership of the Sirotsky family the RBS Group has seen a large amount of growth to employ some 6,000 journalists to bring a high quality news gathering organization to the people of Brazil. 59 year old Duda Melzer has not simply used his family name to bring increased success to the RBS Group, but instead has worked in various different organizations around the world to develop a strong and varied media career. Completing his education and starting his career in the U.S. gave Duda the chance to become an all round expert in traditional media and the new opportunities offered in digital options. By taking a more hands on approach to the leadership of the company Duda Melzer has begun conducting business meetings via video to make sure he remains active in every aspect of the workings of the RBS Group. Read on:

Skout Provides the Best Communication Platform for Social Media Lovers

Some people truly to do love social media. Typically, it is the socially awkward person, the introvert, that is going to retreat from the world of bars, clubs and other meeting spots in order to check out profiles online. There are quite a few people that have become acquainted with boyfriends and girlfriends this way. […]

Securus Technologies Is Known For Owning Quality Patents In The Correction Industry

The correction industry needs help. Securus Technology is one of the companies that is helping the industry make the changes it needs in terms of incident management, communication, public information, emergency responses and inmate self-service. Dallas-based Securus Technology serves more than thousands of public safety, law enforcement, and correction agencies at the local, county and […]